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Download e-book for iPad: Animal Simples. Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by W. T. Fernie

By W. T. Fernie

ISBN-10: 1483166740

ISBN-13: 9781483166742

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Chemically it is a most complex substance, and contains at least methylia, ethylia, tritylia, amylia, aniline, pyridine, picoline, lutidine, pyrrol, benzol, and a mixture of several nitriles. It is very volatile, becoming yellow on exposure to the air, then brownish, and black, Avhilst ANIMAL OIL. 25 growing thicker. It will mix with alcohol and ether, but only sparingly with water. To preserve its white colour and thin consistence it must be corked up, and carefully excluded from the light. " It is identical in its nature with the "Oleum cornu cervi," or "Oil of hartshorn " formerly used in medicine.

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Animal Simples. Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by W. T. Fernie

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