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By John A. Sturman, Derek A. Applegarth (auth.), Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker, James D. Wood (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0896030776

ISBN-13: 9780896030770

ISBN-10: 1592596088

ISBN-13: 9781592596089

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D , ed ), Academic, New York. Brigham M I’ , Stem W. H , and Moore S (1960) The concentration of cysteine and cystme m human blood plasma 1 C2ln Invest 39, 1633-1638 Carter R J and Snyder F F (1981) Measurement of aspartylglucosamme m physrological fluids with an ammo acid analyser. Fused peak analysis with dual photometers Anal Blochem 116, 273-279 Carver M J and Paska R. (1961) Ion-exchange chromatography of urinary ammo acids. Clrn Chum Acta 6, 721-724 DeMarco C , Coletta M , and Cavallmi D (1965a) Column chromatographosphoethanolamine phosphoserme, and PhY of S-sulfoglutathione and their identification m the presence of other ammo acids J Chromatogr.

And Moore S. (1948) Chromatography of ammo actds on starch columns. Separation of phenylalanine, leucme, rsoleucme, methionme, tyrosme, and valme. 1. Bzol. Ckem 176, 337-365 Stem W. H. and Moore S. (1950) Chromatographic determmation of the ammo acid composition of proteins Cold Sprmg Harbor Symposia Quant Btol 14, 179-190 Stem W. H. and Moore S. (1951) Electrolytic desalting of ammo acids Conversron of argmme to ormthme ] Bzol Ckem 190, 103106 Stem W. H. and Moore S (1954) The free ammo acids of human blood plasma.

A typical chromatographic run usually requires more than 2 h, and a relatrvely long equilibrium period 1s necessary between runs. Ninhydrm is utilized in the procedure and can present problems. This reagent is sensitive to light, atmospheric oxygen, changes m pH and temperature, and a waning period for maturation of the reagent is required. There are also problems with column efficiency. Separations of some ammo acids are incomplete, especially n-t the mitral part of the chromatogram. With the rapid advancement of mrcrobore and reverse phase technology m HPLC, the escalating popularity of this analytical technique IS not unexpected.

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Amino Acids by John A. Sturman, Derek A. Applegarth (auth.), Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker, James D. Wood (eds.)

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