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Download PDF by L. C. Hollaway, P. R. Head: Advanced Polymer Composites and Polymers in the Civil

By L. C. Hollaway, P. R. Head

ISBN-10: 0080436617

ISBN-13: 9780080436616

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, Pages vii-viii
About the authors

, Pages ix-x
Chapter 1 - Introduction

, Pages 1-4
Chapter 2 - complicated polymer composite fabrics and their components

, Pages 7-35
Chapter three - Manufacture and houses of complex polymer composites correct to civil engineering

, Pages 37-88
Chapter four - restrict country design

, Pages 89-106
Chapter five - FRP strengthening and service of strengthened concrete systems

, Pages 109-159
Chapter 6 - complicated polymer composite reinforcement for concrete construction

, Pages 161-186
Chapter 7 - Geotechnical applications

, Pages 187-220
Chapter eight - purposes in complex polymer composite constructions

, Pages 221-286
Chapter nine - the long run for the complex polymer composite within the civil infrastructure

, Pages 287-292

, Pages 293-299
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In addition to the general procedure for the wet lay-up method, there are a number of important commercial methods available to manufacture composites by this general technique; all would be employed to undertake specific civil engineering tasks. These are as follows: (1) The XX-sys Technologies method (2) The REPLARK method (3) The Dupont method (4) The Tonen Forca method. (a) The XX-sys Technologies — hand applied carbon fibre fabric wrap (ambient cured resin system) The XX-sys method is one in which dry carbon fibre fabric is wrapped around, say, a column which is required to be strengthened or upgraded; the steps are as follows.

1. The manual production methods for thermosetting polymer composites The wet lay-up manual process (hand lay-up) The wet lay-up manual process is a method which is used mainly to fabricate a glass fibre polymer composite material. Only one mould is employed and this may be either male or female. For individual composite units the mould would most likely be manufactured from GFRP which is shaped and fabricated from a suitable master pattern made from wood. If, however, the composite material is to be used to upgrade structures (see Chapter 5) the mould would then be the surface of the unit requiring upgrading.

5). 4. Fracture Advanced polymer composite fracture mechanics is complex due to the anisotropic nature of the material; the type and mode of failure of the composite is highly dependent upon the nature and direction of the applied load. Fracture associated with continuous fibre composites The fracture of continuous fibre composites may be classified under three headings which are associated with specific failure mechanisms: • interlaminar fracture develops between plies • intralaminar fracture develops within a ply • translaminar fracture develops transverse to the laminated plane.

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